3 questions for approaching the hustle, healthily.

We’re living in a fun time with entrepreneurship. Stock markets have been soaring for 8+ years, Shark Tank acquires new eye-balls every week, and people are launching into visions they never knew possible.

At the same time, so many seem to “Hustle” because they think they’re supposed to. Because that’s what’s everyone else does, right??

Here are 3 questions I’d challenge you to ask yourself to know if you’re hustling from a healthy perspective…and today, I’m feeling a little feisty, so buckle up 🙂


01— Do you have an end goal?

So many kids get into college and have no idea what they’re doing. It’s actually designed to be that way, however, and a plethora of majors are there for the picking. It’s part of growing up, getting into the flow of who you’d like to become professionally (not in all cases), and start earning an income to support yourself.

While we all go through various phases in our lives, there are however, checkpoints and road-signs.

Effective hustle steers towards an objective at hand; the end goal. If you’re hustling because you feel that’s what you’re supposed to do (because you’re best friend does it), maybe you should examine your life a bit closer.

Entrepreneurship is hard. Really hard!

But some people in this game tend to make it just that…an endless game. They’d rather force the idea down your throat that if you’re not working 18 hours a day, you’re not a true entrepreneur. You’re hustle is not on point. If you’re not pushing as hard as Gary V, you don’t want it bad enough.

To those touting such idiocrocies, I say screw your aimless hustle.

There comes a point where you need to give an idea everything you’ve got!

Sure, you need to work your ass off, as nothing worth having is ever going to pose anything other than a challenge, but that’s good!

You need to push it until you can’t push any longer, but all in the light of arriving at a specific place; the end-goal. The fruit of your hustle.

The endless lifestyle of the 18 hour-a-day entrepreneur is trite. Nobody who truly lives this way has a family life…even if they do.

Their wife is probably lonely.

They haven’t called their mother in 9 months.

Their kids wonder why Daddy is “working” at all times of the day (Twitter feed consumption, looking for the next lead that won’t happen). To those of you carrying out this lifestyle rather than hustling for a season, please grow some perspective and realize that family, relationships, faith, character, and how you impact lives on this earth is core to being human…not your hustle towards monetary gain.

That stuff is here today, and gone tomorrow. Your family, less so.


02— Are you glorifying the hustle?

Is touting the idea that you work 18 hours a day impressive? I think it sounds like a terrible waste of time, and a lack of focus.

First off, nobody is going to do good work, staring at a screen for 18 hours a day (yes, I’m picking 18 hours a day as a number, but really I’m trying to make the point of over-working yourself for the sake of doing so).

They’ll probably end up completely redoing most of what they did after 10 hours. Our brains simply weren’t made to focus that long.

But is working longer, the path to working smarter?

Not necessarily.

So why get caught up in the idea that living the hustle-game, is something to wear on your sleeve as a badge of honor? Humbly do your thing, and let the fruits of your success show…anything less, and people see right through.


03 — Do you place your identity in the hustle?

Placing your identity (who you are as a person / where you find your true value) in the hustle you partake in is most dangerous. It subconsciously takes over, and it’s easy to lose control.

Don’t place your identity in anything you do…place it in who you are, and what you’re a part of.

Family, community, faith (one of the strongest areas I place my identity / true worth in), love, and aspects of life that last forever should be at play here. But placing your identity in something you can do will let you and others down every time.

What happens if you lose your hand if you’re a professional tennis player or musician? Being that you’ve placed your identity in a skill-set (gift), are you now worthless to humanity without your hand? Absolutely not! You are invaluable, and have ability to shed light in this dark world. It’s not about what you do…it’s about what you’re a part of.


What is the hustle life for you?

My point is never to put anyone down in anything I do. I’m simply a passionate dude who wants to get the message across that you carry so much more value as a person beyond how hard you hustle in life; way beyond the money you make.

For the record, these are all questions that completely pertain to me, and I need to check myself on what I’m proposing too. I’m guilty of all of it.

It’s easy to place my identity in being a designer. I’ve had success with it, therefore I can at times, become prideful, placing the level of hustle in my head onto everyone else in my life. This only casts shadows, and forms unfair judgement onto those I love most. How stupid!

This does the exact opposite of what I’m trying to do by hustling hard as a 31 year old male with a wife of 3 years, a 6 month old, and a ton of student debt. In all transparency, I struggle with this issue, and I’m asking these questions and pointing fingers at both of us (if you relate to this issue).

Do you know why you hustle? If not, you should probably chill, and stop being so busy. Start participating in what really matters, love hard on others, and make the best of this short life you’ve been given. It’s all any of us can do, right?