UI/UX Design + Strategy

Sphere iOS App

Sphere is all about planning to succeed and taking action against that goal. Whether or not you want to transform your body, lose fat, or build muscle, it all starts with tiny habits, chipping away at your over-arching goal.

For this reason, Sphere is premised on making what you've committed to transparent. When you complete a workout, track it and post a photo, you're letting the world know you tackled your goal. If you get lazy and skip your workout, your profile will emit a red beacon, begging others to come encourage you to get back in the gym.

Team responsible for most of where Sphere landed visually and from a UX perspective. Sadly, this project never saw the light of day due to business priority shifts from leadership.

Product Director: Preston Lewis
Lead / Senior Product Designer: Greg Becker
Senior Product Designer: Corey Michaud