For the last few months, I’ve been trying to hit the gym more than I normally do. I’ve always been an athletic dude, but wow have the years of sitting in front of a computer screen, started to stack on the fat.

At my gym, people are met with an A-frame chalkboard sign that reads…

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

Simple enough right?

I haven’t really stopped thinking about that concept 12 hours later. There’s simplicity, yet profound truth to the idea that you can only grow as a person, parent, designer, entrepreneur, bodybuilder, or whatever else when you’re going through something difficult…when you’re comfortable in getting uncomfortable.

But, do you even realize what you’re capable of?

Do you understand that you can become whatever you want to become?

Do you speak lies over yourself, giving yourself permission to be just like everyone else? Over-weight, lazy, and bored?

Too many people idolize the “family-guy”, American mentality.

It’s easy to slack on nutrition.

It’s easy to lay on the couch and binge Netflix.

It’s easy to talk about a side-project, and make fun of all the “stupid” people on Shark Tank, right? But how are you qualified to judge, if you can’t take up the challenge, and make it happen yourself? You can’t!

One of my favorite bodybuilders in the fitness industry (Kris Gethin), likes to state that “pain is weakness leaving the body”. He’s actually got it tattooed all over his back, with raw, artistic expression.

So next time you’re up against something hard, realize that you’re going to be better for it 95% of the time.

Push into it.

Challenge yourself.



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