Allow your mind to drift back to grade school…

Do you remember finger painting as a little kid? Like, Kindergarten or when you were in 1st grade?

Think back to art class…

Remember that sparkle in your eye when you first understood that dabbing your little fingers into the rich paint and smearing it around on the paper, created magic? One moment you felt the cool of the colors, and the next, your motions on the canvas were suddenly turning into the shape of your Mother?!

It was one of those moments that formed your self-awareness, realizing that you, were capable of creating something genuine; something that transcended imagination into reality.

You were a 7 year old, seeking truth within the confines of water-colors. You were looking for the genuine within the impossible.

With this new found discovery, what did you do? Seeking the approval, and wanting to see the reaction from your Mother’s face, of course you raced home to show her! “This is a drawing of me?”, expressed your proud mother’s smile. “This is beautiful, baby! Good job!”.


Truth Seekers

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a problem with honesty. Or in fact, an annoying incapability of lying (most times). It’s kind of an odd thing to obsess about as a kid, but I can’t remember keeping secrets from my parents. It’s as if I could not understand the idea of a non-truth…like, I simply didn’t understand the concept of why someone would lie.

Call it a curse. Call it my beginning into something that I now reference every single day.

You see, as a designer, we use the medium of creativity and art, bending it to our will, to form something amazing; something that works. Not only works to the degree of what’s being asked of us, but to push the envelope every time.

Clients hire designers for the way they think, feel, and more-over, how they visualize the what-if’s, or what-could-be’s. But could we do this as a lying sack of crap? Coat that UI with a slap of hot modern-ness? I’m hoping you’re shaking your head side to side.

The point I’m trying to make is that we have to hold our medium to the standard of TRUE thinking. Design is not a template. Design is not a UI kit you buy online for $49. I like to use such tools, but the buck cannot stop there for our clients.

We have to make what matters…
We have to get inside of the minds of our client’s end-users, and figure out what they want to use, play with, look at, etc.

We are the truth seekers.
The inventors and crafters of other’s dreams.

We are still the little kids in art class, amazed by our capabilities and collaboration with others.

As we got older, nothing changed. We grew up, and now daily, put the same effort into finding creative solutions to in-conceivable problems.

Contrary to popular belief, design is not a job…


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