Because we give a $#!%

I don’t have much tolerance or interest in standing behind someone’s vision I feel is misplaced, greedy, trite, or just plain sucks.

I’ve not seen this a ton in my own experience, but it’s all over the industry. Design is so much bigger than the essence of what a designer, producer, or CEO of a company can turn into profit. It’s way too important to get this right when selecting an employer (or being one), to stick with someone just because it’s comfortable and you make decent money.

Being a designer is so much more than pushing pixels. Designing a website isn’t simply slapping a coat of paint on a well thought out wireframe. Not only is interactive design more like cognitive psychology, I’d argue that this field more than most, holds the keys to shaping new forms of communication behaviors and truly making technological breakthrough.

Yet, and to our detriment, most design out there is garbage; monetary gain and bottom-line-love, chosen above responsible cultural influence. As designers, we have a huge responsibility to who we represent and invest in. My passion is founded on my beliefs as a Christian, yet that’s not something I preach at people, or try to market. I don’t need to advertise my faith (and shouldn’t!), but for me, my identity is placed in something bigger than myself. My work is hopefully an outpour of that heart posture.

I strive to bring premium design concepts to companies, products, causes, and movements that empower people, convey love, uphold respect, and output positive influence for generations to come. I’m tired of the crap. I’m bored of the easy, low hanging fruit, people pursue. If your marketing strategy banks on the objectification of women, count me out. I want to solve real problems, rather than bask in the acceptance of one of the biggest.

I guess this is where I see myself eventually starting my own company. Frankly, I’d guess this ideology bores a lot of people. I’d love to be a guy who can confidently say to my team one day, that we’re going in a certain direction because it matters. At the end of the day, we all have to ask ourselves that question. What kind of impact are you imparting? I’ve been a part of some amazing companies, and while I’ve made mistakes with timing and have had my own learning curve within various situations, I’ve drawn a major conclusion:


Fostering the nature of premium design solutions while driving positive influence through culture, is the key to effective output. This is a restorative effort, while at the same time, pushing the boundaries of design and technology. Design is for the good of others; to serve people. This is how you will matter.


If you call yourself a designer, and this is a boring idea to you, please pause, pull your head out, and change professions for the good of everyone else. To be an effective designer, you must understand how to effectively solve problems. This is not limited to that advanced Photoshop action / batch process you’re so proud of bro(although that’s cool too). Culture as a whole, is your most basic responsibility, so don’t trick yourself into thinking you’re something you’re not.

Design is a response to real problems at hand, so please don’t take the easy or well-trodden path because it’s accepted by every Kanye or Jay-Z wannabe. We’ve got real problems to solve, friends. We need real designers. That’s an effort all of us should be striving towards daily.

We design, because we give a $#!@.


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