As humans, we were made to be social creatures. However, social interaction tends to bring out feelings we can’t always understand when alone.When you’re with friends, what are you thinking about? How do you act at work? Or what about your own family? Are you worried about what they think of you, or how they react to what you say or do?Whether we realize it or not, we all care about how we come across to others. Some more than others, but we’re born to relate.

The thing is, if we care too much about what others think, it debilitates our ability to lead…where, scared as we are, we end up simply choosing to follow the brave ones.

What a terrible way to live! Please, stop this nonsense! Please understand that we’re all just making it up as we go in this life.We’re all either putting ourselves out there, or shying away from how we truly feel. It may be harder to speak out / speak up and lead people, but if you’re not leading your own life, someone else is probably leading it.


What a leader is not

These days, there are a lot of people faking it. People shouting on Twitter streams, Facebook Live sessions, and ugly Reddit rants. Are these leaders? Do these people act the same or any different in real life around people who can actually react to their terrible behavior? No. They’re just being loud.

These kind of people are the ones who usually shy away from physical confrontation or public debate. It’s weak.

Being a leader means you understand how to make an effort to take your life by the horns or also help others with theirs.It means you’re willing to put yourself out there and be wrong at times. You aren’t looking for validation first, you’re acting on how you feel with the knowledge you have, and letting others learn with you.You’re simply pushing the conversation, action, or whatever else.


Leading + Following

At the same time, people don’t usually just wake up one day and start leading. They might be born with a streak of confidence, but that doesn’t mean they don’t follow certain ideas, people, or concepts themselves.

A lot of people who strike out as leaders of friends, their families, and people they’ve never met, had an example of someone spurring them on to think bigger / dream larger! It’s only when we know how to follow those whom we respect, admire, and learn from that we can effectively lead. Knowledge in, knowledge out. It’s cyclical. So don’t forget that when you feel like you’ve got nothing to offer the world in the wake of leadership, they just might be waiting for a perspective like yours.

Your leadership and cause, might be the very thing people want to follow. Don’t place false limitations on yourself by caring too much what other people “might” think…it’s probably all in your head.Just step up, set out, and be willing to get uncomfortable for a time or two. I promise, it will get easier…and eventually, you’ll naturally want to lead, because you care how the conversation goes, or how that person feels.


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