98% of the time, your aspirations are not going to land in your lap.

When I was in middle school, my buddies Austin, Ian, and I started skateboarding.

Like every kid starting to skate, you can’t learn fast enough, and it’s all that consumes your mind. But just as it appears, learning to roll around on four slippery wheels is maddeningly difficult to master, and comes with many falls, pains, pickups, small gains, and seemingly large wins.

Once we learned the basics, we moved onto mastering tricks, and then doing tricks across various types of landscapes.

We practiced ollies, kick-flips, shove-its, nollies, gaps, rail-slides, grinds, and whatever else we could do to show off to one another, our friends, and parents. What could be more important?

When your brain is constantly on skateboarding, the world is your oyster. Everything you see turns into a suburban trick opportunity.

That 6-step handrail isn’t something to walk down, but something to jump, clear, and stick a roll-away.

That plant-box lined around a storefront suddenly transforms into a 2 foot tall tail-slide opportunity. Everything is seen in a different light. Everything is a new challenge, or fun opportunity to push yourself and your skill set.

Fast forward 15 years, and two bad knees later…

Weight training now my preferred drug of choice (I’ve never been very nice to my body), I smile at the parallel in how a 13 year old views skating opportunities compared to my now 30 year old business mind…


Create Your Own Opportunities

98% of the time, your aspirations are not going to land in your lap.

Sometimes it’s easiest to “kind of try”. You know, putting yourself out there a little bit and taking whatever comes your way first.

But I wonder how many people stick with the first thing that comes their way, for way too long; because it’s stable? Because it’s a job?

If you have dreams though, you have to be willing to get uncomfortable and go on offense at some point…

  • Hard work and hustle goes a long way, but if you’re waiting for someone’s permission to think like this, you’re probably already behind. Not all is lost though, because in most cases you’re in complete control of your destiny. You have to make it happen, because nobody else is going to do that for you. They can’t.
  • Be willing to do everything and anything to obtain your goals. You don’t have to have all the answers (those will come), but rather know how to find the answers from others further down the path who know. Learn from them, adapt, emulate, or attack in you own way.
  • Understand that if you live life in a reactive state (adjusting to things as they happen to you in life), you severely limit your potential, because sadly, the world doesn’t care that much about you or me.
  • You have to make the world listen. You have to stand out…brave the open seas, and show your worth, even if it’s not the popular thing to do.


Today, there are so many distractions to blur the lines on what is possible, and what is probable. I’ve always been the guy saying “screw statistics’ to my friends, as it’s a code I live by. If it seems hard to achieve, all the more reason for me to go after it if I think I’d enjoy it. Nothing good comes easy in this life, so don’t wait around for opportunity…go make opportunity.


Lead Yourself — Lead Others

Everyone starts in the same place when it comes to hustle, hard work, and self confidence. Yes, some people have it easier or get a head start due to circumstances out of their own control, but we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Everyone gets to decide how they use that time.

Regardless of circumstances, realize you have it in you right now! You don’t need someone’s blessing to carve your niche in this life. You don’t need to make money the idol of worship because the world tells you to. You don’t need to speak negativity over yourself. Just sit up, and start.

I’m not saying the world is rosy, so just go get it. I’m saying the world is a hard place, and understanding what you believe in and how you want to play into that story for the good of everyone else, is worth everything. You only have one life to live, so stop wasting it working towards someone else’s dream because you’re too scared to start yours.

Pro-Tip : Don’t focus on riches, fame, failures, or mistakes…they’ll all rob you of your joy and effectiveness in this world. Create opportunities bigger than yourself; something that serves others.

When you prioritize this right, nothing can stop you…and the world will definitely notice. Why? Because most people take the opposite route. Most people are lazy, ignorant, and lethargic. That’s not you. People follow leaders; the fearless.

Just like my 15 year old skater-boy self, scan the landscape of life, look for that next obstacle you want to master, and go jump into conquering it. Rise or fall, it’s an opportunity to give it your best shot, and prove to yourself you’re not waiting for your next big break…you’re possibly creating it.


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